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    Hi.<BR>I found this article: http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/010100-1.shtml<BR>about RC4 Encryption Using ASP & VBScript.<BR><BR>two questions:<BR>(1) Do you recommend to use it?? I want to to encrypt the data which is passed through the asp pages so that the user won&#039;t be able to know what&#039;s going on.. if so should I encrypt all of the data in the database??<BR><BR>(2) in that article it says: "If you plan to use this code outside the US, or if you plan to include it in a product that you are going to ship outside the US, please make yourself aware of the legal restrictions of crypto export."<BR>how do I found out if I can use this algorithm ???<BR><BR>thanks a lot.

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    ...whether you should use RC4 or not depends on your requirements. What exactly are you trying to do? What data are you trying to encrypt? Why are you trying to encrypt it? Without knowing more about your requirements it&#039;s hard to say whether RC4 is for you, or whether something simpler would do.<BR><BR>The RC4 algorithm (as well as some others) is considered a "weapon" (in US legal terms) and there are restrictions on exporting and importing weapons, of course. You will have to find out what the law says in your country. It&#039;s always a difficult issue, because not only could you get into trouble with your own country&#039;s law for importing a "weapon", but also with US law for exporting it or enticing somebody else to export it.<BR><BR>This is why PGP was so controversial. The way the author of the code got around the problem was to print the source code in a book and export that, which was perfectly legal. Therefore there are now non-US versions of PGP.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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