Please see this code <BR>function savecookies(form3) { <BR> <BR> var thelength = form3.length;<BR> alert(thelength)<BR> for(var i=0; i&#060;=(thelength-3); i++) {<BR> var thecookie = "cookie" + i<BR> SetCookie(thecookie,form3.elements[i].value);<BR> form3.elements[i].value = ""; }<BR>}<BR>function grabcookies(form3) { <BR> var thelength = form3.length;<BR> if (GetCookie("cookie0") != null) {<BR> alert(thelength);<BR> for (var i = 0; i&#060;=(thelength-3);i++) {<BR> form3.elements[i].value =GetCookie(&#039cookie&#039 + i);<BR> alert(form3.elements[i].value); }<BR> } }<BR><BR>I&#039m using savecookie to set the cookie which collects the values of all text boxes in form3 and iam using grabcookie to retrieve the values. These funtions works fine if iam writting both the functions in form3<BR> Q)What are the changes i have to do to my code so that form5 has to check if the data in savacookie is empty or not if is not empty it has to display form5 contents and if it is empty it has to display an alert saying that savecookie is empty and redirect to form3<BR><BR>Please respond soon, Thanks in advance