Hi..I&#039;ve been using cdonts now for sometime with success on a windows 2000 server. <BR><BR>We are getting ready to roll another form out that upon submit, will create two unique files on the server and then send out two emails. My concern is that we could potentially have several hundred users every hour using this new form and I was concerned about any performance issues that cdonts might have regarding an amount of high traffic. <BR><BR>My current forms do not have a high volume of traffic but this one will.<BR><BR>I couldn&#039;t locate anything on the board about performance issues. Are there any known performance issues with cdonts? Does it have a limit of how many it can process per minute/second?<BR><BR>Hardware shouldn&#039;t be a problem as the server we will be using has a dual 2.4 processor and 4 gig of RAM.<BR><BR>Thanks....<BR><BR>I searched the forum w/o luck to see if I could locate anything about