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    &nbsp;<BR>Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking into adding a functionality onto my website that will let users embed the contents of a webpage in an email and send it to someone. Can someone point me to where to learn more about implementating such a feature? Are there existing proven designs that have worked? Does anyone know of any software package that does this or at least is great at sending emails from ASP pages?<BR><BR>I did some searches and have found alot of examples on how to email the url of the page but not the contents of the page. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Anna

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    Default You can't mail contents...

    ...without copying them, somehow, to the email&#039;s BODY property.<BR><BR>If you are generating the HTML yourself, then simply generate the BODY as a single string.<BR><BR>If you are trying to rip HTML content from other sites, then look into MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP (or msxml3 or ...).<BR><BR>

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    A simple solution, if it&#039;s applicable to you, is to use the CDO.Message CreateMHTMLBody method (that&#039;s from memory, may be a different object, but it&#039;s part of CDO) to create an MHTML body for your email.<BR><BR>It takes a parameter that&#039;s the full URL of the page to email, and then generates an email from it. I&#039;ve had issues with attached stylesheets and things, but it works well as long as your user can receive MHTML emails.<BR><BR>And if they can&#039;t... Well...<BR><BR>Craig.

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