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Thread: Passing Values to an Iframe

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    Default Passing Values to an Iframe

    Alright...This is the scenario. I have a page called ZoneSelect.asp which has an IFrame ZoneList.asp on it. ZoneSelect is basically just a textbox, a submit button and some checkboxes to select what criteria to search for. I need to run this search, and populate a multiple select listbox (already coded) into ZoneList.asp. In short, I need to pass a variable From ZoneSElect.asp to ZoneList.asp while ZoneList.asp is an IFrame on ZoneSelect.asp How can I achieve this? With my form element doing action="ZoneList.asp" It just loads ZoneList when I hit submit. If I make the action the same page, it of course loses all the values and comes right back to itself. Surely there must be a way to do this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Give your IFrame a name

    and use that as the TARGET value in you link

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