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    Was wondering if someone could help me...<BR><BR>I have produced a questionnaire looping through question i have in my DB, all the questions have a radio button scale next to them...<BR>the final 3 questions have a question, radio buttons and then a text box to add more comments. What I want to do is if someone chooses the radio button &#039;no interest&#039; then grey out the text box and they wouldnt need to fill this in...<BR><BR>or alternativly if the press a radio button other than the &#039;no interest&#039; one it then shows the text box...<BR><BR>has anyone done this? thanks so much.<BR>Jess

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    Default IN the onclick event

    set based on if it is checked or not set<BR><BR> = &#039;none&#039; or = &#039;&#039;<BR><BR><BR>if the textbox is in a td you can use the td id instead...not cross browser though<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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