I&#039;m running into a very weird situation. I have two seperate subforms in different forms accessing the same table.<BR><BR>What is weird is that when I add any records in one form, they will not display properly in the other subform when I open it up the following time. I&#039;m using VBA to set the recordsets and stuff, and it will not allow me to change the recordset at all when I attempt this. I have a drop-down box on the second form to select the main record, and once that is selected, the subform should display all relevant data. But it is not. When I close the main form, and open it again, everything works fine. What is also strange is that when I can&#039;t access the data, I can&#039;t access it for any record, not just the one I&#039;d previously edited. It is like the subform locks.<BR><BR>Has anybody seen this before and can give me any ideas on how to fix it?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR><BR>Mat