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    I have a datagrid that I would like to load with log file and I am using the following code:<BR><BR>DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(mypath);<BR> <BR><BR>FileInfo[] fiArrLog = di.GetFiles("*" + fileDate.ToString("yyyyMMdd") + "*.log");<BR><BR>FileInfo[] fiArrReg = di.GetFiles("*" + fileDate.ToString("yyyyMMdd") + "*.rej");<BR><BR><BR>How can I bind "Both" of these arrays to my datagrid? I need to display file with a .reg and .log. The code above retrieve the correct files, I don&#039;t see how to bind both arrays to my datagrid.<BR><BR>Thanks for the help.

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    Default loop through both the arrays

    and create rows on a DataTable.. then bind the DataTable to the DataGrid<BR><BR>

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