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    Hi all, <BR><BR> i have some doubt about validator controls.if i do any validation in validation is applying for entire web form.because it is giving trouble when i am adding details to my database. <BR>for eg:- <BR>In my web form i have like this, <BR> - name - text field <BR> - age - text field <BR> - ADD - button field <BR> - UPDATE - button field <BR> - QUERY - button field <BR><BR>- i have done validations through the validation control for the fields name,age. <BR> i want the validation only in ADD,UPDATE field but for all the fields in the web form it is <BR> displaying the validator control messages. <BR> how to come out from this. <BR><BR> pls anyone of you help me in this regard. <BR><BR> thankx in advance <BR><BR> bye , <BR> ulaga <BR><BR>

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    Default So what is the error

    what does your code look like??<BR><BR>

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