Error 800401f9 when opening dsn

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Thread: Error 800401f9 when opening dsn

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    David Mount Guest

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    My company has installed Windows 2000 with IIS. I am trying to open a dsn that is defined using odbc on the server. for this code:<BR>&#060;% set oConn = server.CreateObject("ADODB.connection")<BR> oConn.Open "DSN=odbcacc;"<BR><BR>I get:<BR>error &#039 800401f9&#039<BR>error in the DLL<BR>progtest.asp, line 2<BR><BR>I created the odbc connection as a system dsn. It points to an Access 2000 database.<BR><BR>Any help please!!

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    Try entering admin for the username and an empty string for the password.

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    Cal Guest

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    I had the same problem after installing ColdFusion Server<BR><BR>It turns out Darren wins the prize (he emailed me the seven steps to success):<BR><BR>1&#062; unregister msado15.dll<BR>2&#062; reboot the machine<BR>3&#062; re-register msado15.dll<BR>4&#062; unregister oledb32.dll<BR>5&#062; reboot the machine<BR>6&#062; re-register oledb32.dll<BR>7&#062; reboot the machine.<BR><BR>Fantastic! She works like a dream.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Cal<BR>

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