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    Please let me know how to access the user controls (active X)property from an ASP Page.<BR><BR>&#060;object name="myus1" classid="clsid:E32BAD59-11F0-11D4-9956-00A0CCE493CE"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;OBJECT&#062;<BR>T his object has a property called holdresult which is declared as public.<BR><BR>tell me how to access that property in ASP PAGE?<BR><BR>

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    Use param and specify the name of the property and and use the VALUE attribute to assign the required value.<BR><BR>&#060;object name="myus1" classid="clsid:E32BAD59-11F0-11D4-9956-00A0CCE493CE"&#062;<BR>&#060;param NAME="holdresult" VALUE= ""&#062;<BR>&#060;OBJECT&#062;<BR><BR>

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