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    Good afternoon!<BR><BR>I have a &#039;general&#039; function script that is included into the main ASP body. I keep getting an &#039;undeclared variable&#039; from this code and I KNOW the function is there:<BR><BR> Set rstHelp = Server.CreateObject(c_Recordset)<BR> Set rstHelp = GetRecordset(strSql)<BR><BR>GetRecordset returns a disconnected recordset for later processing.<BR><BR>Any thoughts, ideas, etc??<BR><BR>Thank in advance.<BR><BR>Sparky<BR>

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    1) Post the full error message - "something like" isn&#039;t good enough.<BR><BR>2) Simple answer, comment out your GetRecordSet() call line and see if the page works.<BR><BR>Craig.

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