draw a point you have a SEED (one DIMESION)<BR><BR>draw an horizontal line you have the next DIMENSION<BR><BR>draw an vertical line you have the next ONE<BR><BR>but for be DIMENSION, they need to exist in COMPLEX world so is necesary a PARALLEL UNIVERSE in the imaginary numbers world, and to exists as an entitity we need a CIRCLE<BR><BR>so we have a DIMENSION created by a CIRCLE X and Y worlds and his imaginary representation. (like TAO SIGN)<BR><BR>so to continue the natural path of ENERGY.TIME raised COMPLEX we need to create the Z AXES is similar to duplicate the CIRCLE in a new layer so it needs ENERGY so a nice link is created:<BR><BR>ENERGY_DIMENSION = Z.Z DIMENSION (TWO CIRCLES one OVER THE OTHER and its respective imaginary representation)<BR><BR>so this is only ONE UNIVERSE, COMPLEX cuantities of UNIVERSES EXISTS, we only see one...<BR><BR>and so on, so ENERGY is not the final stage and a SEED is not the INITIAL STAGE acording to this algorithm world hasn´t begin and hasn´t end, and the differents states of MATTER ENERGY AND TIME only are differents REPRESENTATIONS of DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS<BR><BR>Now with Z.Z + ENERGY we could play with relativity and classical methods together, but this is only one application, we could continue tracing DIMENSIONS in INFINITE WAY.