Hi,<BR><BR>I am reading an xml file using vb code<BR><BR>ds.ReadXml(("http://.......file.xml... <BR><BR>This produces 3 data tables in the dataset<BR>ds.Tables("product")<BR>ds.Tables("desc riptors")<BR>ds.Tables("piu")<BR><BR>when i display in 3 separate datgrids the relationship is shown as a column named product_Id which gives the relationship.<BR><BR><BR>what I want to do is show the data from 2 of the tables,linked by the relationship, on the same datagrid but can not find the correct vb code to do this.<BR><BR>I am looking for something like:<BR><BR>myDatagrid1.DataSource=ds.Tables("pro duct","piu")<BR>myDatagrid1.DataBind()<BR><BR>but this is not correct syntax<BR><BR><BR>any help on this appreciated.<BR><BR>Jim