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    Does anyone have experience with ASPupload?<BR><BR>I am using this code and it works fine but I was wondering if anyone would know how to limit the file types that are able to be uploaded? I only want to allow .gif or .jpg or .bmp image files to be uploaded. The code is initially setup to allow all file types to be uploaded.<BR><BR>If anyone out there has been able to make this work please let me know.

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    I have never used this component, but it would be like all others where you would component properties to retrieve the file name, file size, etc....<BR>With the file name, use the right() or left() function to trim the name down to anything past the extention<BR>ie: filename russell.jpg<BR>Trim so you have the file extention left<BR>jpg, gif, jpeg, bmp....<BR><BR>And run a Select case for a match...<BR>If a match then do the upload<BR>otherwise redirect them...<BR><BR>Coding i&#039;ll leave up to you.

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