1. I want to import a dbf file to access through ASP Programm. When i import a dbf file with filename greater than 8 chr, it gives an Server error saying File Not Found,Maker sure if the path is correct or filename is spelt correct. what should be done do import a dbf file with a longer name. <BR>2. In the dbf file i want 3 fields to export to MS Access table. for eg : - Name, Address,City. <BR>How can i make sure if all the field Names (Columns) ie: Name, Address and city is present in the dbf file programatically. for eg : if There is Only 2 fields in the dbf file while importing to Access rather than giving an server error message, it should display my customised Error . Can it be done by Error Handling. <BR><BR>Regards<BR>Ani