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    I'm a rather accomplished classic ASP developer. I am new to (about 3 days). I have a simple problem that I can't figure out. I want to have one add/edit form. If I pass a id to the form (querystring) the form values are filled out from db and the sumbit as an update; and if I don't pass a id the form does an insert. Simple enought right. My problem is if I load the data I have to use a datagrid to display the data in the form. Well, if I don't have a id (insert) the datagrid doesn't exist and the form doesn't display. I'm sure I'm going about this the wrong way. Any help will be great!

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    Default Well, I'm old and utterly lost... we probably are in deep trouble.<BR><BR>I give up. How come you *have* to use a datagrid to display the data? Yeah, that&#039;s one way, but not the only.<BR><BR>And why can&#039;t an empty datagrid exist? I&#039;ve certainly produced some empty ones with my code (usually when I didn&#039;t WANT them empty, but that&#039;s a different story).<BR><BR>The Add/Edit/Delete form is such a common occurence that there are several samples of ways to do this up on the various MS and MSDN web sites. <BR><BR>Or google for " add update delete form" and get more hits than you&#039;ll want.<BR><BR>Might look at (actually an MS site).<BR><BR>

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