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    Carl Bennett Guest

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    Is there any other way to populate a form without using something like this,<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT name=address value="&#060;%=dbAddr %&#062;"&#062; <BR><BR>I want to populate the form on the server.

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    You are populating it on the server. ASP is server side scripting, and so thus the above code will produce...<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT name=address value="123 Any Street"&#062; <BR><BR>Maybe I am not understanding your question?<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Carl Bennett Guest

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    I have a very long form. I&#039m trying to avoid using "value= ", because the code would be spread all over the page. Beside, as soon as you add that code you can&#039t use InterDev&#039s Design mode. <BR><BR>Is there another way to update the value. In client side script I could use document.myform.myfield.value = "123". Is there a way to do that on the server?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    suersh Guest

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    I think you can better do it with temporary variables or array will do.<BR><BR>you can open recordset and populate the array and then from array to the text box if the text boxes are of using the control array structure.<BR><BR>I feel this could parse your asp page faster.<BR><BR>bye,<BR>suresh .P

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