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    I want to use a repeater to create the following kind of structure<BR><BR>[] Text1 [] Text2 [] Text3<BR>[] Text4 [] Text5 [] Text5<BR>[] Text4 [] Text5 [] Text5<BR><BR>Here the [] represents a checkbox<BR><BR>The values will come from the database but this structure has to be done using a repeater for performance reasons , Now the issue is how to we repeat columns this way because we would not be able to provide a databinder.eval expression that would take the next value from the datatable for the second column and so on for the third column. I hope u get my drift. This can be done very simply using a datalist using the repeat layout property but the design specifically wants a repeater.So somebody please help me out .......Get out those asp.net thinking caps.<BR><BR>

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    Default your reasoning is severely flawed

    and the DataList vs Repeater argument makes absolutely no sense....<BR><BR>and a repeater won&#039;t do what you are asking and if you are that bent on not using the DataList, then generate an &#060;asp:table&#062; and add cells and rows accordingly

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