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    I have a number of objects which follow the syntax of : <BR><BR>document.frmIPS.startdate0<BR><BR>to<BR><B R>document.frmIPS.startdate20<BR><BR>I am passing the object into a function<BR><BR>myfunction(myobject)<BR>{<BR> // do stuff<BR>}<BR><BR>Now if I wanted to return the value of "myobject" I would do myobject.value. but what if I wanted to find out the object name from "myobject" so that I could determine whether it were startdate 0 or startdate1 etc etc how can I manipulate the object name to extract this information.<BR><BR>Hope I have explained myself and you can enlighten me on this subject

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    You mean:<BR><BR><BR><BR>?<BR><BR>Craig.

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