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    Hi,<BR>i have this error in my form. okay i have two dropdown list which i have to slect an option in one of the drop down list an it will display the result in another drop down list and then by clicking the submit button it will display all the information into the database. but right now, the problem is tat after selecting an option frok the first dropdown list it is submitting into the database without clicking the submit button. how do i solve this?<BR><BR>i have this code : onchange="document.vForm.submit()" which will submit the values and retrieve sum other values and display it into the other dropdown list. i cant take this code away...<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Go see the way I do it.<BR><BR>HINT: You have to CHANGE THE ACTION of the &#060;FORM&#062; when you finally do the SUBMIT.<BR><BR>

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