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    i am uploading files using posting acceptor, its working fine now problem,but after uploading i am standing on this page:<BR><BR><BR><BR>the page "viewuploads.asp" is where i get data from html form.<BR>after updating database, i want to redirect the user to the original page but this isnt working.<BR><BR>here is the directory structure:<BR><BR>scripts<BR>axis_newadminaddimage .asp(*)<BR><BR>"viewuploads.asp" resides in the scripts directory.<BR><BR>now i am standing on the following page:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>I want to redirect user to the following page(this includes path):<BR>axis_newadminaddimage.asp<BR><BR>It is not redirecting properly, i have tried following<BR>1.response.redirect(request.servervar iables("http_referer"))<BR>2.Response.Redirect("../axis_new/admin/addimage.asp")<BR><BR>Please any suggestions to redirect page to addimage.asp which is in axis_newadmin directory.<BR>

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    Default Well, since that URL...

    ...doesn&#039;t even look valid, I have no idea what you are talking about.<BR><BR>And I don&#039;t see how a page named <BR> cpshost.dll<BR>has anything to do with ASP, in any case. That&#039;s certainly not an ASP page. So how can you Response.Redirect from a non-ASP page???<BR><BR>Have you tried<BR> Response.Redirect("/axis_new/admin/addimage.asp")<BR><BR>Notice that I omitted the ".." from the front of the string.<BR><BR><BR>

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