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    Hi everyone<BR><BR>Thank you everyone for helping me out in my previous thread problem. I am writing a web application for an online survey. I have designed the form and have the insert working fine. <BR><BR>I am on a Novell network and I have already gone nuts trying to find out how to grab the novell id for authentication. I then thought about creating a login/logout page..but this seems less seecure as the passwords are stored in the DB in clear text.<BR><BR>So the following are my questions:<BR>1) How do I authenticate only certain users to access the page<BR>2) I need to give them the functionality to go back and edit their respective forms. How do I do this?? (I am trying to use a session variable)...Right now I do not track the user who comes to my page...not sure how i do this either<BR><BR>Thank you very much in advance for your help

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    why do you care about the pwd. If it comes to that, save it in the db as bianary<BR><BR>

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