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    Default Button acting strange!

    I have a page, 3 textboxes, one button. Focus in on the first button. I have a menu bar on top.<BR><BR>I type in the stuff, HIT ENTER but instead of going to the button&#039;s onclick event in the code-behind, it goes thru the menu bar code-behind and picks the page "home.aspx" and sends the user there without going thru the code !!!!<BR><BR> clicking on the button works fine <BR><BR>My other buttons are working fine when I hit "Enter". <BR>What&#039;s the deal here???

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    Default Known issue with buttons

    http://www.crystaltech.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7299&FORUM_ID=16&CAT_ID=2&Topic _Title=ASP%2ENET+form+submission+%26+uneffective+E NTER&Forum_Title=%2ENET+Forum<BR><BR>There&#039;s some work arounds in there.. none of them are perfect

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