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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am using ASP and SQL Server 2000 for showing search results from database. <BR><BR>How to minimize the query execution time by using Full Text Indexing service of SQL Server 2000 or using simple sql with like clause if there are multiple tables are using in search query ?<BR><BR>What are the advantages and overheads of using Text based Indexing service?<BR><BR>Is there are any reference code / links from which I can find the solution for optimize search engine code in order to show results within minimum amount of time?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    You need to test. The results will vary, depending on the scenario. Sometimes full-text indexing will be faster than using LIKE. Sometimes LIKE will be faster than full-text indexing. You need to test *in your environment*, and *against your data* in order to know for sure which is going to be faster for you. <BR><BR>A couple of books that have good sections on testing and examining query execution are "The Guru&#039;s Guide to Transact-SQL", and "Transact-SQL Programming".

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