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    MRK Guest

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    Hello ,<BR><BR>I am very new to HTML,WEB, ASP. May be this is my 2nd day of working in Web Development.<BR><BR>I want to do this :-<BR><BR>There is a User Input form, after i specify the input, i will press the &#039Submit&#039 button. once i hit submit then the action is to call the &#039asp&#039 script, the script makes a call to the database server & fetch the information & display it.<BR><BR>Q.1 :- Where do i need to keep the asp script , it should be in the same location of HTML Page. Or Can i keep it in another location also.<BR><BR>Q.2 :- When i try to edit my &#039HTML Page&#039 to include the action task after i hit my submit button, it does&#039t accept the value for the action item. <BR>Rather i was not able to save my changes in the HTML Code.<BR>

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    ActiveALLI Guest

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    Q1: You need to have the ASP Script on the same server as the Database, you can call the script it self from anywhere.<BR>eg. in the HTML page: <BR>&#060;Form method="post" action="../../scripts/new/sumbit.asp"&#062;<BR><BR>q2. I am not sure i understand you there.

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