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    Hello:<BR>I am exploring developing a web based quiz program using ASP & MS Access. I have some questions:<BR>1. Are there any performance issues with ASP and MS Access?<BR>2. What is the maximum no. of concurrent users?<BR>3. The question bank will be containing about 3000 questions in MS Access database and out of these 100 questions will be pooled out at the quiz start. Would there be any problem? How much time it would take to display the quiz page containing 100 questions?<BR>4. For such case what would be no. of concurrent users and is there a risk of server crash?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Swan

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    1. No more issue than with any other DB<BR>2. Technically 50 But you will not find this a problem -- trust me<BR>3. Depends -- But 100 questions is not a lot!<BR>4. No. There is Always a risk of server crash, but this is not likely to be one of the causes

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