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Thread: how to store survey responses?

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    After trying to hard all options below, to not to use session objects, I am back to square ONE and have not found a solution yet.<BR><BR>I have 25 page survey - would like to store user responses and insert them in database on the last - 25th page. creating 25 session objects for each user is probably overkill.<BR><BR>I tried using cookies, base class methods, global variables, _VIEWSTATE, Panel control but nothin really worked.<BR><BR>CAN someone help?<BR>

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    Default Define ''nothin worked''

    You got errors? Values didn&#039;t get passed? What?<BR><BR>Cookies not working is understandable, I suppose, based on the limited capacity of cookies.<BR><BR>Viewstate should have worked, albeit you&#039;d be dumping a ton of stuff to the browsers.<BR><BR>Why don&#039;t you want to put them in the DB "on the fly"? Just mark the record(s) as "not yet complete" and give a "surveyStartedAt" with the current date/time. Then once a night/hour/whatever, you have a simple background process that deletes all unfinished surveys that were started more than an hour/two hours/whatever ago.<BR><BR>It&#039;s probably the easiest solution and most reliable. Among other things, it means that if a person loses their internet connection they can come back later and complete the survey without starting over.<BR><BR>

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