dear expert<BR><BR>i am fresh in ASP.NET and ADO.NET programming. i would like to ask about if i want to create a class (motive is used for multiple inheritance and polmorphism in future used). Now i am focusing in this stage is only doing all the initialize on every property (Inside including my data adapter and data set.)inisde the class.<BR><BR>example: i don&#039;t need to build the connection path everytime as new as i can inherit it on others method which interact with<BR>my database. after calling the class and its property, i can strictly go forward and customize my dataset with appropirate table name. <BR><BR>I am using MS SQL Server 2000 as my database. what&#039;s the first step i should start on, (yeah, certainly should import the <BR>right namespace)a class that with all the data connection property, in future even running any data driven method, can just pin-point to this class with specific property.....<BR><BR>well, hopefully can get your all feedback (in VB.NET pls, no C#)<BR><BR>thank you