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Thread: HtmlInputFile and postback issues

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    Default HtmlInputFile and postback issues

    Anyone familiar with the HtmlInputFile control understands that the information in the textbox portion is not retained upon postback.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve seen a workaround solution at but that doesn&#039;t seem to work for the same reasons gp_mk mentions in that post. <BR><BR>So I&#039;ve looked and I&#039;ve looked and I&#039;ve yet to find a workable solution. Does anyone out there have one? Or does anyone know a *simple* component that handles this. I looked at some FilePicker one and it just seemed like overkill for our project needs. I don&#039;t mind if it&#039;s freeware or shareware...anything leeds at this point would be great. Thanks!

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    Default it has nothing to do with ViewState

    the &#060;input type="file"&#062; HTML form field does not "remember" what was in it, as the form took the file itself, not the value of the textbox holding the location

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