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    I have a customer who currently maintains his inventory in his store with an Excel Spreadsheet. Every day, he would upload the xls document to his website... where a Perl gateway interface would so something (not sure what, I don&#039t have access to the source) to dynamically create a product list.<BR><BR>He wants to change the shopping cart structure a little. Usually, I create shopping carts with Access or SQL data sources. I use a DSN-less connection for Access. I know there is a way to create and Excel DSN.. which is foreign to me.<BR><BR>I honestly don&#039t want to use Excel, as I really don&#039t know how ADO works with (SQL statements, methods, etc). If there are any resources on using Excel as a datasource, please post them here.<BR><BR>I was thinking, as an alternative, to create an access database that has a sort of front-end built into it.. something easy for this guy to maintain locally. This way, I could have a little more control over how it is created and how the data is formatted.<BR><BR>I guess I&#039m looking for a reason to tell this guy that Excel is NOT in his best interests..<BR><BR>- Are there any performance issues with Excel DSN&#039s?<BR>- How many concurent users can xls files handle?<BR>- What is the best way to use an Excel file as a data-source?<BR>- Are there permissions issues?<BR>- Can I still use ADO to get my hands on data.<BR>- If so, is it different?<BR>- If so, HOW different? :)<BR><BR>Any help I could get would be extremely helpful at this point.

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    I can&#039t answer all your questions because my Excel as datasource experience is limited. But:<BR>When he uploads the Excel file every day, he would have to guarantee no users are currently using the spreadsheet. If they were, permission to delete and overwrite would be denied.<BR>As for concurrent users, I never tried with more than one connection per file. I can&#039t image Excel handles it well; it simply wasn&#039t built for this.<BR>You can make a DSN to get the info but functions are pretty limited. Forget COUNT,DISTINCT,SUM or any date functions.<BR>As an alternative, you can have him upload the Excel files to your site & suck the info out & populate a SQL or Access DB with it. I talked someone else into doing this & it works out great. They keep their familiar Excel and you get to use a real database.<BR>HTH<BR>

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