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    I have two dropdown lists in my form. I create a recordset that retrieves data from a SQL DB to display in this dropdown list. I have a second drop down list which will vary depending on the selection I made in the first drop down list. <BR><BR>For instance, if my choices for my first drop down are:<BR><BR>Home Depot<BR>Macy&#039;s<BR>Target<BR><BR>I want my second drop down to reflect that choice. I can get the data for the second drop down from the same SQL Query that I used to populate the first drop down, it&#039; just that i don&#039;t know how to manipulate it. I don&#039;t know how to store it in an array (if that&#039;s what I need to do) or how to initiate that event...I&#039;m sure it&#039;s some sort of Javascript function like onchange...Thanks in advance for your help. <BR>

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    Couple good examples in Bill&#039;s site here...<BR><BR>http://www.clearviewdesign.com/newbie/<BR><BR>Go to the demo&#039;s section and scroll down a bit.<BR>

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