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    I tried to update an sql table by using...<BR>update test_table set disable_flag = 1 where batch_id = 1 and seq_num &#062;=1 and seq_num &#060;= 500000<BR><BR>I&#039;m doing this within a BeginTrans on an asp page and it took 5 minutes. <BR><BR>When I increase seq_num to 1000000, it takes over 25 minutes.<BR><BR>I have indexes on batch_id and seq_num.<BR>I tried an OLEDB and FILEDSN connection.<BR><BR>Any idea how to make this faster?<BR>Thanks

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    Does your field seq_num have any values that are (zero) 0 or less?<BR><BR>If not then you dont need that in your where clause...<BR>&#060;=5000 will sufice...<BR><BR>If you have numbers less than zero then try using "Between" instead...<BR><BR>where batch_id = 1 and (seq_num Between 0 and 500000)<BR><BR>It could be having the same field listed 2 times in the where clause thats slowing it down some...<BR><BR>

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