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    I have a listbox with about 500 items in it. I also have a textbox with a FIND button where the user can type in what they want from the listbox, click FIND, and the first item matching their request is selected in the listbox.<BR><BR>My problem is that even though the item is selected, if it isn&#039;t in the first x number of items in the listbox (x = 8 in my case, since that is the size of my listbox) the item doesn&#039;t show up. The user has to scroll down to find the item.<BR><BR>VB.NET has a TOPINDEX property that would allow me to show the selected item (set the TOPINDEX to the index of the item selected). What can I do in ASP.NET to accomplish the same thing?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Default this would be some client side

    code to do this, specifically javascript to "focus" on the item selected...<BR><BR>i have no idea of how, or if its even possible, but it definitely is not a server side thing

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