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Thread: use of ../ pointing to connection string

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    Default use of ../ pointing to connection string

    I&#039;ve got a small website that uses ASP, a MS Access database and is hosted on a Windows server. The Access database is in a directory titled "database". The connection files are in a "Connections" directory. The web pages are all .asp files and are grouped in subdirectories. So, if you follow this structure, the ASP pages are in subdirectories. They call the connections files using ../Connections/connectionfilename.asp. The server doesn&#039;t like this and returns an error message stating, "The Include file &#039;../Connections/dsnlesstest.asp&#039; cannot contain &#039;..&#039; to indicate the parent directory." If seeing this error helps, it is at, The root of this site is If I post an identical file at the root - it works fine. <BR><BR>Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Default It sounds like...

    ... the parent directory facility has been dissabled through IIS. Instead of using the ../ notation, use root relative links to your files which start with / <BR><BR>You&#039;ll have to make sure you know where the root of the site is, if your site is in a virutal directory of another, it will start at the root of the other one. <BR><BR>For example: "/connections/dsnlesstest.asp" would indicate the dsnlesstest.asp file in the connections folder which is in the root of the web site.

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