Ok, I&#039m not sure if this is an ASP problem or an IE problem.<BR>But after getting nowhere on the MS site, I thought I &#039d try some ASP sites (see if anyone has seen this before)<BR><BR>Ok here goes:<BR>I&#039ve got an intranet running on IIS 4.0 with ASP pages and an Access DB. The work stations are Win95 with IE4 (or 5.0).<BR><BR>The Intranet is designed to display reports online in an inline frame. It searches through a directory to see if a report is there, if it is, it creates a link to it. <BR><BR>My problem is with printing selections of reports. If a user has a four page report and they only need to print the last section of the report (i.e. totals) they highlight the section they want and go to File-&#062;Print-&#062;Selection. They problem is, they get 3 blank pages then their selection. <BR><BR>This is a "pain" when they go to print the totals on a 200 page report and get 199 blank pages and then their totals.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>Is this IE or ASP?<BR>I can&#039t found anything like this on the net (yet, but I&#039m still looking) so ANY help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Iain.