howdy! I&#039;m trying to send 3 commands to the command line, and I&#039;m using && to group them. the first command is to change to the e drive, the second is to change to a particular directory, and the third launches a command line zipping utility (with some switches). the first two commands execute no problem, but there seems to be an error somewhere because the zipping utility doesn&#039;t launch. here&#039;s the commands i&#039;m trying to send<BR><BR>"cmd /k e: && cmd /k cd e:inetpubintouch
ew_folder && cmd /k e:inetpubintouch
nd7-zip7za.exe a -ttar test.tar * -we:inetpubintouchRND
ew_folder"<BR><BR>does the last command need to be in quotes or anything? cause of the switches in it?