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    How do i bind data to a textbox in and i need some helpw tih movenext,movefirst methods? here is my code:<BR><BR>If not page.ispostback then<BR><BR> Dim DS As DataSet<BR> Dim MyConnection As SqlConnection<BR> Dim MyCommand As SqlDataAdapter<BR><BR> MyConnection = New SqlConnection("server=localhost;uid = sa;database=pubs")<BR><BR> MyCommand = New SqlDataAdapter("select * from Titles ", myConnection)<BR><BR> DS = new DataSet()<BR> MyCommand.Fill(DS, "Titles")<BR><BR>Please help.

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    Default wow. you are talking like 4 different things

    First off, forget about "MoveNext" and "MoveFirst" stuff, thats not part of ADO.NET, well, normal ADO.NET stuff anyways<BR><BR>Second: if you are "SELECT * FROM Titles", then you obvious have more than one row, in fact, and unknown amount, so that complicates your "How do i bind data to a textbox"<BR><BR>Third: i&#039;d suggest reading this excellent primer on ADO.NET:<BR><BR>

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