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Thread: Graphics instead of Radio Buttons?

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    Is there a way to use my own graphics in place of radio buttons?<BR>So I&#039;d like:<BR><BR>[graphic1]<BR>[graphic2]<BR>[graphic3]<BR>[submit button]<BR><BR>Then I can click on graphic1:<BR>[graphic1-selected]<BR>[graphic2]<BR>[graphic3]<BR>[submit button]<BR><BR>If I click on graphic2, then graphic1 becomes unselected... just like a radio button. Then when I hit submit, the value for my chosen option is sent... just like radio buttons... only with graphics.<BR><BR>

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    Okay.<BR><BR>So you use client-side scripting. Some onclick event handlers, some image swapping, some hidden fields...<BR><BR>What exactly are you having a problem with?<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Reaper is telling you...

    ...that this is a pretty easy JavaScript problem, so he&#039;s wondering why you posted it in the Advanced forum.<BR><BR>If you repost it in the standard ASP forum or the JS forum, you&#039;ll get an answer, I&#039;m sure.<BR><BR>I could answer you here, but I&#039;ll play by the rules.<BR><BR>Incidentally, you *might* find the answer already given in the JavaScript FAQ at<BR><BR>

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