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    I know this question is not really appropriate here but I have no where else to ask ..<BR>I&#039;ve been coding ASP for about 2 yrs now and .Net comes out so I have to start learning .net... but a friend of mine who is a java programmer says that I should study java instead. She says that java doesn&#039;t change as often as the Microsoft technologies.. is this true? Which of the 2 do you think looks more promising in the future? I just want to make sure I head the right direction.<BR>Thanks for your advice.

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    Java&#039;s been about for a few years more than .NET, so it&#039;s worth bearing that in mind.<BR><BR>It&#039;s an age-old argument. Both sides have good points and honestly there&#039;s no "right" answer. I&#039;ve seen .NET used when Java was probably better, and visa-versa.<BR><BR>If you&#039;ve been coding in ASP for a couple of years then the first thing you need is to get yourself on some courses about OOP. Both .NET and Java are OOP languages and will be completely alien to someone who&#039;s only had scripting experience.<BR><BR>Craig.

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