Hey all,<BR><BR>I&#039;m a bit stick between a rock and a very hard place... these datalist things are wonderful provided there is no need to customise or add additional coding, at which point they are evil! <BR><BR>Basically, what i&#039;m trying to do is this:<BR>- Display a list of data<BR>- If the row of data contains certain information, display the title as a link, if not do not show as a link<BR><BR>So i need a way to test conditions on individual rows of the dataset. The only way i know how to do this is by using the DatasetName.Tables(i).Rows(i).Item("ItemName") properties, but i can only use this if i know the value of i. since the datalist handles all the looping, i dont know the current value of i, so cant use that to access the data. <BR><BR>I also thought maybe i could do a test in the aspx page on the value of DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"ItemName") but i cant seem to do any advanced testing on this item.<BR><BR>Then i thought i&#039;d ditch the datalist idea and use labels instead, but then there&#039;s the problem of looping through items. I guess i could use a "For each datarow in datalist" in the codebhind file, and throw values to the aspx file, but then how do you get around the fact that each time you throw a new row&#039;s values at the labels, they&#039;ll overwrite the original one?<BR><BR>I guess the only solution i can think of is to go back to the classic asp approach of embedding the logic in the presentation html (on the aspx file), but then that defeats the whole purpose of separating presentation from business logic which is supposed to be so cool about .net.<BR><BR>sorry about the ramble, just wanted to put in as much info as possible here, so i could get an answer as quick as possible as this project is already behind schedule and that pump on top of my head is getting quite heavy. :(<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>Greg<BR>