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    I am testing a web application. When a page is opened in a new window using target="_blank" the session variables from the parent window appear to be retained in the new browser instance.<BR><BR>Is it possible to prevent this from happening? It is undesirable as the pages behave differently depending on the session variables. <BR><BR>The page in question needs to have no session variables when it is opened with the new window link but from some other referrer pages it will need these session variables (and will be navigated to without opening a new window). I therefore can&#039;t put code in the page to reset all session variables.<BR><BR>Alternatively Is there any way I can clear the session variables ONLY if is is opening in a new browser window (without losing them in the parent window)?

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    Default i'd suggest changing your design

    because what you are asking is impossible to overcome....<BR><BR>Session is tied to your site and the user, not page and user

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