Ack! This dreaded error and I cannot work it out:<BR><BR>"Visual Studio has detected that the specified web server is not running version 1.1. You will be unable to run ASP.NET web applications or services."<BR> <BR>Happens when I start VS.NET 2003 on Win2K and select a new project of an ASP Application or a Blank Web Application.<BR><BR>I Google&#039;d all over and tried all the fixes in many different combinations:<BR>1. aspnet_regiis -i (even did -ua first later)<BR>2. Delete folder Microsoft.NETFramework1.0.xxxx<BR>3. Uninstall and reinstall Framework 1.1 + SP1 for 1.1<BR>4. regsvr32 that aspnet .DLL file<BR><BR>Still no good. I cannot fix the error. I haven&#039;t yet reinstalled IIS5.0, but it seems that is the very cause of this error. The odd things is, all I did to IIS, which was installed first, was enable FrontPage Server Extensions via the VS.NET setup Prerequisites. Other than that, IIS was installed first and never touched. BTW, pages run fine on the server.