How should I handle this query?

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Thread: How should I handle this query?

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    Default How should I handle this query?

    I have a fieldname that has multiple choice of questions/answers.<BR><BR>For instance, I have a field called Lines which has 4 multile choices:<BR><BR>The layout is like this:<BR><BR>Lines<BR><BR>Poles? Yes_ No_ Box? Yes_ No_ Fires? Yes_ No_<BR>Other_________<BR><BR>There are fields that 20 multiple choices.<BR>They are inserted into the db in the about layout.<BR><BR>My doubt is how to construct my html to retrieve these values in layout similar to above.<BR><BR>As indicated, some fields may have up to 20 choices and some may have 1 and there is one unique ID for each.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>

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    Default Sorry but i dont get it

    can you post again and this time with an example<BR><BR>

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