How do I create Powerpoint charts from web app?

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Thread: How do I create Powerpoint charts from web app?

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    Default How do I create Powerpoint charts from web app?

    I must create "name tents" in this web app I'm doing for CDC. Name tents are those things you see on conference tables that are folded in half and have each person's name right side up on one side and upside down on the other side. Once I pull the names out of the database I've got to generate Powerpoint charts with a rightside up and upside down name on each chart. I can't find anything anywhere that tells me how to do this.

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    Default Why is this a Web app???

    Where will the printer be attached? To the computer where the names are being entered? Or to some server computer that might be in another city or state?<BR><BR>If it&#039;s a server computer, how many remote computers will be connected to it? How?<BR><BR>Yes, you *probably* can "script" PowerPoint, the same way you can script Word or Excel or even Access. But it might not be the most appropriate thing to do. If nothing else, it&#039;s going to be a pain in the neck to do, because the docs for how to script office components are obscure, at times. <BR><BR>

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