Limited access to the Web Application in ASP.NET

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Thread: Limited access to the Web Application in ASP.NET

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    Hi All,<BR>I am facing a serious problem presently, my problem is i want to implement a feature in the application that how to limit the access of system?? Confused??<BR>Let me explore it:<BR>What i want is:<BR>1.i want that only particular number of users can access the web application, like maximum 10 users. <BR>2. Once you login into the system, nobody else can login with that user ID, untill logout with that user ID.<BR>3. In case of Idle the system will automatically logout, and next time when person login, the page from where the session expires will open after login.<BR><BR>my approach to do this is:<BR>for 1st question i will count the users from the table and if it will be more then 10 it will promt that u had meet the limit.<BR><BR>for 2nd i feel i need to maintain the user login informaTION into the database, and if the session of that user exist then dnt allow other user to login.<BR>for 3rd i think i can not able to think properly,<BR>Now i need the quick help from your side,<BR>That whether my approach is right or wrong, and what keywords/features/files/references i need to implement in the My ASP.NEt application to do this, i am using vb as in my code behind file.<BR>Waing for your quick response<BR>With Regards,<BR>Divyesh

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    If you want to be completely anal-retentive about it, maybe you should be using Windows forms rather than a browser-based app. <BR><BR>it&#039;s extremely difficult to prevent double logins in a web app because of HTTP&#039;s stateless nature. it can&#039;t tell the difference between multiple logins, you see.

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