There seems to be either missing info or a complete lie in the MSDN documentation re: DataList postback behavior.<BR><BR>MS says that all you have to do is put this in a page_load event to avoid postback problems with a datalist:<BR><BR> If Not Page.IsPostBack() Then<BR> DataList.DataSource = SomeDataset<BR> DataList.DataBind()<BR> End If<BR><BR>Ok, makes sense in theory. However, in real life, whenever you post back, the DataList.ItemCreated event still gets fired somehow and without any to work with an "Object Variable or..." error inevitably follows.<BR><BR>The only way I have found to avoid this problem is to place the entire contents of the ItemCreated event handler inside a "If Not PostBack()" block. This, of course, renders postbacks completely useless since I now cannot display anything.<BR><BR>So, if the data is supposedly only binding when a call to DataBind() is made, why does the ItemCreated event get fired regardless?<BR>