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Thread: COnnecting to a Remote MS Access Databe

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    Default COnnecting to a Remote MS Access Databe

    I have a .NET web application developed that requires it to access a MS Access (2002) Database on a remote PC on our network.<BR><BR><BR>I am having difficulty making connection. <BR><BR>The connection string I have created is as follows.... Note that I have all variables declared and controls set up as well.<BR><BR>ConnStr_ReportServerDataFiles = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=\ServerNameSharedFolderSubFolderMyDat abase.mdb;Uid=admin;Pwd="<BR><BR>If Conn_ReportServerDataFiles.State = ConnectionState.Open Then<BR> Conn_ReportServerDataFiles.Close()<BR>End If<BR><BR>dcCheckServer.Connection = Conn_ReportServerDataFiles<BR><BR>Conn_ReportServe rDataFiles.Open() (It fails here !!!!)<BR><BR><BR>I have also read about permission issues accessing remote access databases from IIS.<BR><BR>This link is one I have checked<BR><BR>though I am a little lost on exactly what I need to do. Can anyone shed any light on what I have to do, or have a solution?<BR><BR><BR>Many thx in advance!<BR><BR>

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    Default First you really should be using

    the Jet provider instead of Access driver something like:<BR><BR>ConnStr_ReportServerDataFiles "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\ServerNameSharedFolderSubFolderMyDatabase. mdb;"<BR><BR>Next what does "difficulty making connection" mean? Are you getting an error? Be more specific please. ; )<BR><BR>Also, the share that the database (.mdb) is on, does the NT account that your web server is running under have permission to read/write to that folder? Double-check this.

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