Hi Guys,<BR><BR>Been through this message board forum and couldn&#039;t find a response or relating article (or maybe I haven&#039;t been looking properly - usually the case apologise if so).<BR><BR>The title is a bit misleading. We have a corporate intranet (corporate portal/management intranet what have you) which is available as extranet.<BR><BR>The problem is we want staff logging in externally (internet cafes, private isps) to use https but not if they are internal. The certicate has been set up and the redirect works fine but is it possible so that Joe Bloggs based in the office tries to access http://intranet.fully.qualified.com/ or http://intranet/ it stays at port 80?<BR><BR>I can think of a number of workarounds like server side includes pickin up their ip addresess, doing a look up and redirecting (or not) accordingly. Or granting certain ip addresses through and changing the custom error to redirect them if denied.<BR><BR>But is there a better way? An easier way? <BR>one web server:<BR>extranet uses ssl<BR>intranet uses just http<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR>Will<BR>