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Thread: Hiding the file extension of .asp pages

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    I am setting up a site to support multiple distributors. Each will have a web page which is identified by their distributor number. For example www.mysite.com/0002<BR><BR>The 0002 bit needs to be captured throughout. My problem is that, unless the page is called 0002.asp, I can&#039t run any code (I either want to add the value to a cookie or post the value back into the url in the format ?0002). I don&#039t want the visitor to have to enter the .asp bit of the URL. Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Liz

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    You could setup multiple directories named /0001, /0002, etc each containing a default.asp file in each one. Then your user would only need to type in the directory, www.yoursite.com/0001.<BR><BR><BR>

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